Join Us for a Free Seminar - Assisted Living Options

Assisted Living Options - Seniors Living By Design Seminar Series

Assisted Living Options are popping up around every corner in Martin County.  This seminar can clarify how the Assisted Living communities differ and how to plan ahead.

  •     What are they exactly?  
  •     Who qualifies to live there?  
  •     What are costs?
  •     I'm  staying put! 


During the 90 minute panel discussion learn the truth about assisted living and staying put options from the most knowledgeable and experienced local professionals in the senior living industry. 

JOIN US for a very lively and interactive expert panel discussion designed for boomers, seniors, children of aging parents and anyone interested in learning the facts about downsizing to a more manageable lifestyle and planning ahead for a late -life move.  

Attendees have given these seminars a 10 on a scale of 1-10!  A few comments: "I was thrilled with the information", "I learned so much!",  "The interaction and participation was wonderful".  

3 ways to register
Click Here : Save My Seat for Seminar
By Phone:   772-260-7941

The Seniors Living By Design Seminar Series is purely an educational endeavor being held in a neutral venue.  It is filling a need based on how little free information is available for seniors making plans and big decisions on late life moves without a being tied to a sales presentation.